DIY Ponds Building Instructions

How To Build Your Own Pond | Installing the Pump & Pond Filter

The picture below is to remind you of what we want to finish up with ... namely an attractively edged, planted garden fish pond with a pump circulating water through a pond filter 24/7

To be able to install the pump safely and tidily do the following ...

Place a small conduit through the edging, like a piece of reinforced hose, and run it (underground) to where you will connect the electrical supply. Thread a long piece of garden wire through this.

Take the pump hose tail from the pump box and cut off the 12mm (1/2inch) section. Screw it into the pump and connect the hose to it using one of the hose-clips. Place the pump in the pond on the bottom farthest away from where the filter box will be situated. Tie and tape the pump cable to the garden wire and draw it through the conduit.

Unpack the bio-filter and set it up according to the instructions in the box. Connect the tubing from the pump to the bio-filter inlet (the left-hand side hose tail) using the hose clip. 16) Attach a suitable plug to the pump cable an d plug it into a fused mains supply, separate from domestic supply, via an RCCD trip switch.

Instructions by PeterJ.May2006-03-16. To learn a lot more about how to create the perfect pond. Your whole family will suddenly find a new exciting interest in the garden as a whole. Peter May also has sites showing previous water feature plan sketches as well as a site about solving pond problems


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